Monthly Archives: May 2017

Mueller Hut

After seeing Bill to the bus terminal I set about restocking for the next section of the trip and booking transport out of Queenstown for the next morning.  The plan is to spend a few days in Mt Cook National Park though I haven’t really studied maps or have any idea about routes.  I’m considering…
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Harris Saddle / North Col

After a week on the Five Pass Trip I meet up with Bill at the camping site of the Routeburn Flats for a couple of days of side trips. The sun is generating considerable heat so it is good to have a table with shelter over it.  This is the luxury end of camping.  An…
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Motatapu Track

I have just finished a ten day trip to the Olivine Ice Plateau and back.  I am ignoring a very sore and slightly damaged knee and looking to take advantage of what I believe are my elevated fitness levels.  I’ve identified the Motatapu Track which links Arrowtown and Wanaka as being an appropriate challenge.  It…
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