Monthly Archives: July 2017

A night out on the Travers River

Angelus Hut 2001 I have spent the night at Angelus Hut, nestled next to the alpine Angelus Lake.  My requirement for the day is to get off the tops in marginal weather to one of the valley huts.  As the weather closes in the prospect of heading out via the exposed ridges to the north…
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Owen Plateau – Wangapeka Valley – 2004

Morning brings a well-worn routine of packing and waiting.  The bus does not pass through Nelson until mid-morning so I have time to take coffee in a bakery and read the local news.  On the bus a Pom makes conversation with a West Coaster about what family reunion she has been to.  He is spending…
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Cobb Valley

Ambition and complacency drive this trip. Planned for the heart of winter the centrepiece is a 13-hour trek linking the Matiri and Wangapeka Valleys.  This involves following an unmarked alpine route, navigating by compass, relying on skill, firm snow and windless, benign conditions.  This walk is seldom undertaken in summer, never in winter.  It is…
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