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Arthurs Pass to West Coast 2010

Arriving at Carrington at 4pm I need to make a decision about pressing on to Harman Saddle.  There are gathering storm clouds on the peaks suggestive of high winds and I’m not inclined to push my luck.  Soon after a French couple arrives and claims the front room for their sleeping quarters.  I could have grabbed it…
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Avoca Valley – 2010

My goal is to return to Whitcombe River and complete a crossing of the pass.  To get there I’ll need to ford rivers, descend through gorges and scramble over ridges.  There is nothing straightforward about what I intend and there are no guarantees of success.  Perhaps my lack of second options is more indicative of poor…
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Avoca Valley

March 22 Finding the motivation to commence a second walk after a successful epic is always difficult.  Since getting into trouble several years ago and missing transport connections I have been very wary about being too ambitious at the backend of a trip.  On that occasion the major failing had been venturing into a flood…
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