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Visiting Dunedin and Manapouri – 2000

Sometime in January Bill said he wouldn’t mind doing a track like the Dusky track.  I was kicking around for ideas for a 12 day trip and it immediately occurred to me that the Dusky would be perfect as its suggested length was 8-10 days.  With the time required to get to the track it…
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South Island Road Trip – 1995

South Island Road Trip – 1995 I’d lived in Auckland in 1991 and had been so impressed by the city that I always new that I'd come back to live in New Zealand.  But first I had to return to Australia and finish my Honours degree.  Another degree followed and then a job with a…
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Helicopter Tourism on Park Pass Glacier

Five Passes Trip 2009/2010 This was supposed to be the venture onto the Olivine Ice Plateau, as has every trip into this area over the last five years.  Each year I find a reason for not venturing beyond the safety of the well worn tracks and avoiding the Ice Plateau.  This time I abandon any…
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