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Helicopter Tourism on Park Pass Glacier

Five Passes Trip 2009/2010 This was supposed to be the venture onto the Olivine Ice Plateau, as has every trip into this area over the last five years.  Each year I find a reason for not venturing beyond the safety of the well worn tracks and avoiding the Ice Plateau.  This time I abandon any…
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Harris Saddle / North Col

After a week on the Five Pass Trip I meet up with Bill at the camping site of the Routeburn Flats for a couple of days of side trips. The sun is generating considerable heat so it is good to have a table with shelter over it.  This is the luxury end of camping.  An…
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Route burn side trip – a ramble to North Col

When the Routeburn Falls Hut warden Elizabeth finds out that our plans for the next day are to travel in the direction of North Col she provides a few tips about how to get through the notorious boulder field that is the major impediment to a successful passage. I promise to drop off the comments…
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