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Winter Escape to the Tararuas – 2018

It had taken six months patiently waiting for a forecast spell of fine weather to align with my days off but finally the opportunity to escape into the Tararuas had arrived.  But instead of a balmy summer trip or even an autumnal escapade it would have to be in the depths of the winter equinox…
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Tararuas – 2009

I'm staying in Wellington and am determined to do a walk in the Tararua Range, a noted tramping range.  It's an area that can be access via public transport, though it will requires decisions about how to best link up the walk in and the available routes.  Catching the morning train requires an early start…
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Southern Crossing – Tararua Range

Southern Crossing – Tararua Range Several years ago I’d attempted the iconic Southern Crossing of the Tararua Range and failed to get further than Kime Hut where I was waylaid for four days as a relentless weather front passed through the region.  Even after waiting for this long I was unable to complete the journey, driven…
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